Sakura: noun. An ornamental cherry blossom tree and its blossoms.


Tis’ the season! Look no further: the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival is back in town. The annual event acknowledges the importance of sustaining and renewing Vancouver’s cherry tree heritage. With an emphasis on educating the community, the festival celebrates the beauty of the cherry blossoms that surround Vancouver and pay tribute to the impact they have on the neighborhood. 


Last spring, Christine Designs decided to play a role in drawing attention to and supporting cherry blossom trees by creating the “Sakura” collection. This line, as comfortable as it is on trend, paints a picture using light-weight silk garments as a canvas. The Japanese inspired cherry blossom motif is the ultimate statement piece, emphasizing growth, class, and eternal beauty. Delicate yet fierce, this line shows off the full effect of this season’s Japanese influence.  


With the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival around the corner, Christine wanted to embrace the sense of community and build upon it by reducing the price of the “Sakura” collection pieces. Get excited, because it’s time to be a part of something big. Do your part in thanking the cherry blossoms. The things that connect, unite, and bring people together. The things that allow us to appreciate life, to celebrate life, and to live life. The things that speak for themselves in their natural beauty. Why not wear it?