To My Dearest Juliet,


I look back on my life only to see a future with you. I love what I see, being blind to anything before you came along. It was love at first sight – completely meant to be. When I’m around you, I feel like the world is mine and that the opportunities are endless. You give me that, Juliet. You make me feel alive. With your delicate floral pattern and sweet innocence, you evoke a classic romance that I deeply desire. With all of life’s unknowns, you are something that I can count on to make me feel beautiful, to make me want to get up in the morning, and to make me believe in true love. You’re truly one-of-a-kind; a simple luxury with intricate details.


Juliet, I’ve never seen anything that is as beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside. You changed that for me. You go with everything, especially “The Best of Bijoux” collection….I love how versatile you are and how I’m able to mix and match styles within Christine’s classic color palette.


Romeo couldn’t live without Juliet, so why should I have to? Our love story doesn’t have to end in tragedy, we can have our happily-ever-after. Where art thou, Juliet Collection? I need you in my life.



Your Secret Admirer