Fashion, Meet Function. Results: Pretty as a Postcard.


Write the message, buy the stamp, send it off; never to be seen again. That’s usually the case, but with Christine’s Lagoon collection, art is appreciated and talent is recognized. Each garment tells a story, has a history, and projects the future. Designed from a vintage Japanese postcard, the Lagoon collection celebrates left with its watery hues and natural beauty.


The print, designed exclusively for Christine, creates a sense of adventure and a need for exploration. It encourages people to challenge norms and step out of comfort zones. The breezy pieces allow for a blousey fit that emphasize the sophisticated aesthetic of the collection.


As a cross-over loungewear collection, Lagoon goes versatile. From sleeping in — to a night out on the town, these pieces have no rules. They’re not judging — the choice is yours. Whether it be turning a caftan into a bathing suit cover up, or a kimono into a gallery opening ensemble…you’ve never looked better. But more importantly, you’ve never felt better.


Cool and serene, this line takes fashion and introduces it to function. Paired together, this lightweight silk charmeuse print gives you the chance to appreciate life’s little luxuries.


It’s time you treat yourself to the finer things in life. Like a postcard, the collection is meant to be seen and to be shown off. It’s meant to be translated and shared with groups of people. Like a postcard, the Lagoon collection is meant to be an inspiration and offer up a refreshing perspective.