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Testimonial – “The Shimmy”

“They say the dance the shimmy was named after the silk chemise flapper girls would wear out to nightclubs in the roaring 20s. When I opened my beautifully gift-wrapped box and gently lifted out my exquisite gift of Christine Vancouver lingerie, I was in love. The first time I slipped my French stretch lace and […]



Testimonial – “All the fantastic things about Christine Lingerie”

“I have sensitive skin and was looking for something comfortable, classy and sexy…I ran across an online article that mentioned all the fantastic things about Christine Lingerie – the social work ethic, the quality of silks, the stylish fit and designs that flatter a woman’s natural form without being cheap about it. I rang the […]



Testimonial – “I could not be happier with my purchase”

The lady at the Vancouver store was ever so pleasant and helpful in finding the right fit and style and I could not be happier with my purchase. My caftan is beautiful and easy to travel so it has accompanied me to France, Germany and Spain as well as Hawaii and I always feel impeccably […]


Testimonial – “Perfect for my Wedding Night”

“I got a robe and the Betty chemise in ivory for my wedding night, and I wore them every time [my fiance] was out of town before the actual day because I felt so pretty in them. I’ve never felt that sexy in anything else I’ve ever owned, and I found the styling absolutely perfect […]



Testimonial – Canadian Made!

“Hi Kim…such a pleasure to talk with such a nice young lady with a sense of humour. I did not tell you that my wife loves your product and you confirmed this [gift] will make her smile. Even better it is Canadian made which is so important to both of us and this great country. […]

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