Lingerie designer, Christine Morton, takes as us on a journey through the evolution of her love for lace. Enjoy this enchanting, historical and passionate tale about her devotion to lace in the name of romance you can wear.

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When I was a child, my granny instilled in me a deep love for delicate and handmade laces. We would spend hours together organizing her embroidered handkerchiefs, silk scarves, and lace trims. A button jar lay emptied on the floor, and her jewelry scattered about as we fawned over her prized possessions. Occasionally she would gift me something to take home and treasure!

As I became known for using vintage lace in my garments, people would bring me their grandmother’s boxes full of antique laces.  I would scour estate sales looking for the perfect pieces for my growing collection. I met a man named Richard who travelled up and down the west coast searching for his next antique find. We discussed my fascination with vintage laces, and he began to keep a watchful eye for antique laces! The laces that Richard found were carefully matched, washed, whitened, and made ready for sewing. It was a labour of love that gave myself and my clients great joy. 

One of the biggest treasures came from a girl in Toronto whose father had been a dealer for a lingerie company in the 1940’s. Her garage was bursting with boxes filled to the brim with laces, embroideries, ribbons, and appliqués. By some miracle, they all matched as well! I purchased every piece and dreamt of what I could create with my newfound nest egg.

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Something that really inspired my love for lace was a trip to Burano, Italy. Burano is renowned for their hand crafted laces dating back to the 16th century. Local legend has it that the island’s reverence for lace came from a fisherman’s encounter with a siren, who spun sea foam into a wedding veil for the fisherman’s fiancée. Her wedding veil became the envy of the town, and thus Burano became a hub for artisanal lace. During my trip I would watch ladies clad in black making lace, their hands deftly weaving the finest strands into beautiful master works. I wanted nothing more than to live there and study the craft.

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As Christine Lingerie grew I could no longer hand pick vintage lace for each piece, so I started buying laces from Switzerland. One particularly memorable trip was spent in the archive library for two days looking at swatch books of embroidered laces from the 1920’s and 30’s.  I was able to choose a vintage lace design, select my own colors for the embroidery, and then they would produce any amount for me!  Being surrounded by all of these vintage laces, I couldn’t help but feel like I was that little girl again playing with her granny’s treasures.

Today, my love for lace has translated into being incorporated into a vast array of my designs every season from appliqués on our silk chemises to short robes. For instance, this Spring I am particularly in love with the lace we decided to use for our bridal collection, Aphrodite. This stunning lace appliqué has a vintage feel due to its oyster color.


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I also love incorporating a bit of stretch lace into each collection for a more fun and flirty, fitted look. Black lace is essential to every woman’s boudoir, so I think that is what makes the new Muse collection so magnetic.


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5 Silk Loungewear Essentials

Our Designer In Chief Can’t Go Without


The Christine behind Christine Lingerie has been designing silk loungewear, lingerie and beautiful bridal pieces for over 40 years. More over, she lives and breathes her brand, incorporating her silk and velvet designs into her daily wardrobe. As both intimates and outerwear, here are her five favorite silk loungewear pieces that she wears to feel beautiful, comfortable and chic.

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  1. A Long Velvet Robe: “I love waking up in the morning and putting on my long velvet robe.” Christine says. She prefers them oversized so that she can cuddle up in them to feel cozy on cold mornings. Christine likes that you can also wear them in the evenings and still feel elegant while sitting around and watching TV. Velvet is something we like to incorporate into our collection every season. This season we chose a beautiful black cherry color for our Faberge Long Velvet Robe, making it a timeless and most glamorous way to feel cozy in the mornings and at night.

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  2. A Silk Kimono: Every season, we design a new, exclusive print for our Japanese-inspired collection. Christine loves an open silk kimono so much that she chose to wear it to BOTH of her daughter’s weddings paired with a coordinating silk cami and lounge pant from our collection. When talking about her love for the bi-annual Japanese-inspired kimono Christine says, “When you wear one of our silk kimonos you are wearing a work of art. I wear them to many events, fashion shows and parties and people always compliment on how beautiful they are. Each season, we work very hard on our print to develop a new unique look. With our Japanese-inspired prints, it has always been an incredibly creative design process to put the collection together.” For Spring/Summer 2019, we premiered the Solitude Collection, which includes a beautiful new silk kimono depicting a graceful crane and floral motif. This work of art is perfect if you are looking for a refreshing, cooler hue. If you would prefer darker earth tones, we suggest the kimono from our Phoenix Collection, which is among our most striking kimonos to date. The blue phoenix on this piece is unforgettably magnificent.

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  3. Silk Tops & Tunics: “These are everyday pieces that I feel comfortable to wear to work or out for dinner.” The best part of our silk tunics and tops is their amazing versatility. They are designed to go beautifully with jeans or silk pants. You can dress them up, wear them in a corporate environment or dress them down and casual. Lastly Christine adds, “I love taking the tunics to Mexico and wearing them as a coverup over my swimsuit.” So it’s safe to say that these pieces are an extraordinary value in addition to being a wearable work of art! 

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    JOLIE TUNICsilk tunic, silk bathing suit cover up, silk lingerie, silk loungewear, christine lingerie, made in canada
    NIGHTINGALE TUNICsilk tunic, silk bathing suit cover up, silk lingerie, silk loungewear, christine lingerie, luxury loungewear, luxury tunic

  4. A Classic Cami and Lounge Pant: From the designer herself, “These are so easy to slip in to. Again, you can dress them up or down and they are flattering for all body types.” Christine loves wearing a silk cami and lounge pant set to present her new collection at our booth at the CurvExpo in New York City each season. As she mentioned earlier, they pair so elegantly with the open kimonos. Christine additionally enjoys pairing the silk cami with jeans or pants. “I keep them in my wardrobe in every color.” she says. 

    CREPE CAMISOLEsilk cami, silk loungewear, made in canada, christine lingerie
    CREPE LOUNGE PANTsilk cami, silk loungewear, made in canada, silk lounge pants, luxury loungewear, saks loungewear
    SANDWASHED MAXINE CAMIsilk cami, silk loungewear, made in canada, silk lounge pants, beautiful loungewear, silk loungewear

  5. Silk Pajamas: These are a timeless classic and a staple to Christine Lingerie. In the evenings, Christine loves to wear silk pjs to watch her favorite shows with her husband, David. She even likes to style the button down top as a shirt to wear for a casual date night with her love, too. Our silk pajamas come in a variety of colors, which you can see by clicking here, or shop some of our favorites for SS19 below! 

    COCO PJ IN MISTsilk pajamas, silk pjs, made in canada, christine lingerie, silk loungewear
    CLASSIC PJ – AVAILABLE IN MULTIPLE COLORS!silk pajamas, silk pjs, made in canada, christine lingerie, classic pj, silk lingerie, lingerie as outerwear


It was in 1983 when Christine’s business began to flourish that she met Alina Chang. Three years prior, Alina bravely immigrated from Laos with her family on a refugee barge and received sponsorship by members of Christine’s church.


Christine Lingerie is a brand built on a rich and vibrant history. A passion for craftsmanship and elegance stemming from childhood has turned into a 45 year long career that has redefined the meaning of luxury in lingerie.


In the 1985 November publication of City & Country Home, Christine declared that: “The look of romance from long ago is my inspiration. Ultimately, I want my designs to be what a woman reaches for when she wants to feel beautiful”. This still stands true today! As Christine Lingerie celebrates 45 years of business, we wanted to take this opportunity to thank our loyal clients for being with us since the beginning.