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katrina eugenia, christine lingerie, silk lingerie, silk chemise, made in canada

What if you could reach new heights of looking and feeling your best for the rest of the summer? Prepare to glow with these 8 self love hacks for true summer beauty.

Hello Christine lovers, Katrina here! The girl behind our 2019 blogs, emails, and the one who is always shooting self portraits for our editorial content, like the pictures you see here! This series was inspired by Madonna’s ‘Cherish’ video by Herb Ritts… And speaking of self love, if you’re longing for sunshine and in need of a pick-me-up during your lunch break this week, give this video a watch. It will have you determined to make the beach your number one goal in no time.

katrina eugenia, christine lingerie, silk lingerie, silk chemise, made in canada

As for self love, if you are a member of our mailing list, you know that we have started a new ‘Self Love Hacks’ series which comes out once each month. In this monthly edition, I share some of the little things I do to look and feel my best not just for shoots, but in my everyday life. They are personal parts of my daily routine to encourage and bring out inner beauty and furthermore, find it all around me, which is a big part of who we are and what we believe in at Christine Lingerie.

The following are the self love hacks from our email blasts, including our latest edition: ‘MY EXACT BEAUTY SMOOTHIE’.’ For future tips, please subscribe to our mailing list and look out for our monthly self love edition! We hope you enjoy these healthy and happy suggestions- please feel free to let us know what you think. Your feedback is not only welcome, but encouraged. We are always excited and thankful to hear from you.


1. Dry Brushing: I can actually see the dead skin powdering off of me. It’s kind of gross but ultra effective for head-to-toe glowing, smooth, healthy skin. From increasing circulation to eliminating toxins and combatting cellulite, it’s one of the best full body anti-aging treatments you can do at home and it also happens to be super cost effective. Go to your local drugstore, pick up a dry brush, glance over this tutorial before your next shower and your skin will feel like the silk chemise you slip into when you’re done…

2. The 10-20 Minute Workout Plan: I have become obsessed with BOHO BEAUTIFUL. This lovely couple travels the world, working together to create free and effective yoga and pilates workouts. I do one or two videos first thing every morning. I find their workouts to be challenging but I try to focus on how fast they will be over and the results that I will see from pushing through! I love their vibe, I love their positive life and I love them! You can check out their fabulous videos and mission by clicking here. 

3. Beauty Sleep: Sleep is a major priority for me.  A good, restful slumber makes me feel like my best self inside and out. A lack of sleep can increase your cortisol levels which causes breakouts and even breaks down the collagen in your skin. Your body restores all of its organs while you slumber, including your skin (your biggest organ) and your brain, so I take sleep very seriously and make sure to put in time. With that said, sleeping in silk seems to make dreaming even dreamier. I prefer a little chemise or a silk cami and tap. 🙂

katrina eugenia, christine lingerie, silk lingerie, silk chemise, made in canada

4. Laser Hair Removal: This was life changing… Showering has become so much more blissful and less time consuming without having to shave and razor burn is nowhere to be found. If you are going to invest in one treatment, this is the one for a more peaceful pampering experience forever more! In New York I go to two places and love them both: Angel Skin NYC and Shohba.  I’m telling you- silk pajamas are a different experience post laser hair removal…

5. Collagen Coffee: After Boho Beautiful, I really look forward to a delicious cup of coffee with oat milk and Vanilla plant based collagen creamer. It tastes so good and holds me over until I eat my first meal around noon. Click here to see the one I get on Amazon.  My favorite part of my morning is that first sip of coffee while wearing a short silk robe.

6. Need a boost? There’s an app for that… Whether it is motivational quotes, daily affirmations, or a prayer, (whatever floats your boat) take a moment to explore the apps that will work best for you to boost positivity and encouragement. Here are a few of my favorites for a little pick-me-up:

-Volley FM: You can personalize this to be the segments you want to hear. For instance, mine is set to daily inspiration, everyday positivity, word of the day, on this day in history, daily bible verse, daily horoscope and people in history. 

Motivation Quotes – Daily quotes: I like flipping through these. I also like that you can personalize how you see them via font and background. 

-Unique Daily Affirmations: You hold down the button and something positive pops up. It’s pretty simple. All of these apps are basic and not necessarily providing anything unique, but that’s kind of what I like about them. They’re my shrink. haha! 

Daily Horoscope 2019 by Yodha: If you’re in to that sort of thing… 

Centering Prayer – Christine is fond of this app. I discovered it from her and I have also been enjoying it! 

katrina eugenia, christine lingerie, silk lingerie, silk chemise, made in canada

7. Beauty Vitamins: I’m big on this kind of stuff. Health has always been the most important factor in looking and feeling my best. My favorite brand is Hum Nutrition because they are super transparent about their ingredients, I can definitely see and feel a difference from using their vitamins, the gummy vitamins taste delicious and are vegan (no gelatin or animal product!) and I am most of all obsessed with their Raw Beauty Green Super Food Powder. I love every flavor and I add a big fat scoop to my smoothie everyday (keep reading for my full smoothie recipe!) You can even take a little quiz on their website to find out which vitamins are best for you.

8. Snail Mail: Just to say hello, I love you, I am thinking of you, I am thankful for you. I try to write one every week – but, lets be real here, I manage to get like two out each month. I love writing personal notes and I have learned that people love receiving them too. I find that this simple little thing can mean so much to the people we love. It’s a pleasant little surprise – something that is so easy to do and brings a lot of joy all around. I decorate mine with stickers (love those) and I love collecting pretty stamps to put on them too. I never regret popping a postcard in the mail.

katrina eugenia, christine lingerie, silk lingerie, silk chemise

In the summer, I can’t live without my Nutribullet… I make a smoothie pretty much everyday, and according to my roommates (and if I do say so myself) I might be a beauty smoothie ninja… So here it goes…

My Exact Beauty Smoothie:

1/2 cup of oat milk: I put this in first to avoid powders from sticking to the bottom. 

One serving of Garden of Life Organic Meal Replacement – Raw Organic Fit Powder, Vanilla – High Protein for Weight Loss (28g) Plus Fiber, Probiotics & Svetol, Organic & Non-GMO Vegan Nutritional Shake mix. 

One heaping scoop of HUM NUTRITION’S RAW BEAUTY TROPICAL: (coconut and pineapple) helps boost energy, radiant skin + metabolism. This raw superfood is packed with antioxidants, adaptogens for energy, enzymes, probiotics and fiber. No artificials! ** The serving is technically one even scoop, but I put a big fat heaping scoop (basically two scoops) in mine. I think it tastes delicious, however I don’t necessarily feel like it screams of coconut and pineapple. Just tastes good! 

5 banana wheels: I like to buy organic bananas, wait until they are perfectly speckled, and then cut them up and freeze them myself. Five wheels usually comes out to slightly less than half of a banana and is plenty to make your smoothie sweet and delicious! 

1 cup of frozen organic blueberries: Blueberries are the MVP berry of health and beauty benefits. Just give them a google!

  • A few sprinkles of cinnamon: Also SO good for you! 
  • One handful of organic spinach: Get those greens in, girl. 
  • One tablespoon of peanut butter: Good for you and so delicious if you are a peanut butter person. 

** Blend that first ***

Add six ice cubs.

***Blend thoroughly***


This delicious and nutritious treat will have you glowing and feeling your best in no time. It truly helps me get the nutrients I need while helping me stay in shape for beach shoots, like this one! For this shoot I wore the Sandwashed chemise, which couldn’t be more fitting! 🙂

katrina eugenia, christine lingerie, silk lingerie, silk chemise, made in canada

I hope these simple, timeless ideas will heighten your inspiration and enlightenment while helping you to cherish, embrace and make the very most of these final weeks of summer…

Thank you for sharing a common passion for silk and self-love, which we believe go hand in hand. I enjoy finding creative ways to celebrate these things with you and am so thankful to see our little boudoir community grow!

Until next time! 


PS- it is not uncommon that I am writing these blogs, email blasts, and little postcards, or flipping through motivational quotes and prepping my NutriBullet in my Christine silks… It’s either silk, my workout clothes, or my painting overalls. Those are pretty much the three uniforms that sum up my entire life. Oh, and there’s also usually a sheet mask involved… 


Prepare to adapt this timeless trend for a chic summer look to wear out into the sun. This is today’s lingerie as outerwear.

Self Portrait by Katrina Eugenia Featuring The Audrey Gown. Lingerie as outerwear.
Katrina Eugenia wears the Audrey Gown, made of crepe silk.

One does not have to be ultra provocative to wear their underwear as outerwear. This summer, explore the daytime potential hidden in your boudoir for sultry looks that sing of simplicity and sophistication. After all, it is the season for sunny holidays and weekend getaways, so a smart wardrobe will be one that is multifunctional. Prepare to explore the surprisingly rich history of wearing lingerie as outerwear and learn how you can apply this timeless trend by wearing your silks in the sun this summer. 

Let us begin by going back to the 18th century to explore the birth of the underwear as outerwear trend with a fun bit of historic lingerie gossip you may not know. Believe it or not, Marie Antoinette was one of the first pioneers to wear lingerie as outerwear. In 1783 she chose to sit for a painting wearing what would become infamously known forever more as “chemise à la reine,” or the “chemise of the queen.” This modernly conservative light and airy gown was then what most women wore only next to their skin, beneath their corsets. 

To the modern eye, the dress looks rather refreshing compared to the redundancy of the more decadent outfits the famous queen typically wore to sit for portraits. It has a sort of rustic, feminine, relaxed simplicity to it. You might even call it Marie Antoinette’s ‘girl next door’ look. But while the painting may not translate as aggressive by today’s standards, it caused a quiet the uproar among salon goers in its time. In fact, the painting was protested and the french people demanded it be taken down. 

Marie Antoinette wearing her underwear as outerwear. Marie Antoinette en chemise, 1783 portrait by Louise Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun
Marie Antoinette en chemise, 1783 portrait by Louise Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun

It is possible to argue that Marie Antoinette’s choice to wear this more casual, sultry look was her way of expressing her aversion to the formalities of Versailles. In the privacy of her personal playground, Le Petit Trainon, it was how her and her friends liked to dress all the time. While the queen was not perfect, she is possibly one of the women we have to thank for pioneering a playful and girlie attitude. She championed nonchalant femininity and believed in having fun. Before there was Cyndi Lauper, there was Coco Chanel in her silk pjs, and before her silk pjs, there was the queen, but how does that all translate today? 

self portrait by katrina eugenia featuring the sandwashed chemise in lilac.
Katrina Eugenia is wearing the Sandwashed Chemise in Lilac.

Today, women can easily transform a sultry bedroom piece into the perfect date night or daytime look. Slip into something silk for instant chic and sexy vibe. Nothing is more versatile than the slip dress, so it would be wise to invest in several colors and you’ll never have nothing to wear again! Unique to Christine Lingerie, our silk slips are custom colored, making them one of a kind. We love creating beautiful shades from neutrals to bold colors that are season-less and charming. 

Designer in chief, Christine Morton is a major enthusiast for underwear as outerwear. While chatting with her on the subject she expressed, “Lingerie as outerwear has been around for years and we have been making slips that people wear as outerwear since the beginning of my career as a designer back in the ’80s. Women even wear them as wedding and bridesmaids dresses. What makes our silk slips flattering is that they are cut on the bias so they drape beautifully on the body which enhances the allure of the silk.”

katrina eugenia wears the audrey gown, silk lingerie as outerwear, underwear as outerwear

Cutting on the bias became a signature characteristic of the silk slip in the 1930’s by designers such as Madeleine Vionnet and Madame Gres. It became instantly popular due to its ability to describe the contours of the female figure with the fabric of the gods: pure silk. 

katrina eugenia wears the audrey gown, silk lingerie as outerwear, underwear as outerwear

For this self-portrait editorial, I chose to model The Audrey Gown and the Sandwashed Silk Chemise in Lilac for their beauty and most of all, their simplicity. The Audrey gown is made of crepe silk, which I am obsessed with, especially during the summer. I find it to be at once flattering and incomparably comfortable. As I described earlier, both pieces are cut on the bias, which is quintessential of the silk slip. Lastly, I love these pieces for their adjustable straps, leaving the option to wear them with a bra. I chose not to wear one for this little story which I titled, ‘The Silk Escape’ but in the realm of not posing for pictures, wearing a bra would be my preference for a dinner date or day look. I like the Hamptons motel feel of these photographs. As if they are snippets of a memory from a weekend out east. This summer, I can’t wait to wear a silk slip or dress with a pair of strappy sandals for a refreshing, chic and sexy lingerie as outerwear look. I hope you will feel inspired to, too. 

katrina eugenia wears the audrey gown, lingerie as outerwear, underwear as outerwear, silk lingerie, christine lingerie, made in canada
katrina eugenia wears the audrey gown, silk lingerie as outerwear, underwear as outerwear, christine lingerie, made in canada

Lingerie designer, Christine Morton, takes as us on a journey through the evolution of her love for lace. Enjoy this enchanting, historical and passionate tale about her devotion to lace in the name of romance you can wear.

antique lace, silk lingerie, christine lingerie, made in canada, chemise, silk chemise, bridal lingerie, honeymoon lingerie, wedding lingerie

When I was a child, my granny instilled in me a deep love for delicate and handmade laces. We would spend hours together organizing her embroidered handkerchiefs, silk scarves, and lace trims. A button jar lay emptied on the floor, and her jewelry scattered about as we fawned over her prized possessions. Occasionally she would gift me something to take home and treasure!

As I became known for using vintage lace in my garments, people would bring me their grandmother’s boxes full of antique laces.  I would scour estate sales looking for the perfect pieces for my growing collection. I met a man named Richard who travelled up and down the west coast searching for his next antique find. We discussed my fascination with vintage laces, and he began to keep a watchful eye for antique laces! The laces that Richard found were carefully matched, washed, whitened, and made ready for sewing. It was a labour of love that gave myself and my clients great joy. 

One of the biggest treasures came from a girl in Toronto whose father had been a dealer for a lingerie company in the 1940’s. Her garage was bursting with boxes filled to the brim with laces, embroideries, ribbons, and appliqués. By some miracle, they all matched as well! I purchased every piece and dreamt of what I could create with my newfound nest egg.

burano lace ladies, love of lace, christine morton, christine lingerie, silk lingerie, made in canada, bridal lingerie, wedding lingerie, honeymoon lingerie

Something that really inspired my love for lace was a trip to Burano, Italy. Burano is renowned for their hand crafted laces dating back to the 16th century. Local legend has it that the island’s reverence for lace came from a fisherman’s encounter with a siren, who spun sea foam into a wedding veil for the fisherman’s fiancée. Her wedding veil became the envy of the town, and thus Burano became a hub for artisanal lace. During my trip I would watch ladies clad in black making lace, their hands deftly weaving the finest strands into beautiful master works. I wanted nothing more than to live there and study the craft.

lingerie, silk lingerie, antique lace, bridal lingerie, silk chemise, wedding lingerie, honeymoon lingerie

As Christine Lingerie grew I could no longer hand pick vintage lace for each piece, so I started buying laces from Switzerland. One particularly memorable trip was spent in the archive library for two days looking at swatch books of embroidered laces from the 1920’s and 30’s.  I was able to choose a vintage lace design, select my own colors for the embroidery, and then they would produce any amount for me!  Being surrounded by all of these vintage laces, I couldn’t help but feel like I was that little girl again playing with her granny’s treasures.

Today, my love for lace has translated into being incorporated into a vast array of my designs every season from appliqués on our silk chemises to short robes. For instance, this Spring I am particularly in love with the lace we decided to use for our bridal collection, Aphrodite. This stunning lace appliqué has a vintage feel due to its oyster color.


christine lingerie, bridal lingerie, wedding lingerie, honeymoon lingerie, silk lingerie, silk chemise, made in canada, french lace, chiffon robe

I also love incorporating a bit of stretch lace into each collection for a more fun and flirty, fitted look. Black lace is essential to every woman’s boudoir, so I think that is what makes the new Muse collection so magnetic.


christine lingerie, silk lingerie, silk gown, silk dress, french lace, made in canada, luxury lingerie, silk chemise, silk pajamas, silk loungewear, silk robe, short robe, long robe


For the bride to be, we are pleased to release our bridal lingerie collection for Spring/Summer 2019: Aphrodite.

We are delighted to release our new collection of silk bridal lingerie in the unique, soft hues of pink named, ‘Bloom’ and a light silver named, ‘Platinum.’ This season’s wedding lingerie is adorned with exquisite lace appliqué in a beautiful shade of off white called, ‘Oyster’. The lace combined with the color of the silk offers a poetic vintage feel to wear while getting ready for your special day or to bring along on your honeymoon.

We named this collection of bridal lingerie after the goddess of love for good reason. Add Aphrodite to your wedding day wardrobe to feel absolutely beautiful, angelic and sexy before and after you walk down the isle. What’s more, is that the beauty of our silk bridal lingerie is such that you can continue wearing it throughout your marriage due to its extraordinary timelessness.

This collection is truly stunning and we are very happy to celebrate all of the brides to be this season with the release of Aphrodite!

Shop Aphrodite today!


 Aphrodite Cami & Tap Set

bridal lingerie, silk lingerie, wedding lingerie, christine lingerie, silk cami and tap, made in canada

For the fun and flirty bride, this set includes a camisole with a stunning lace appliqué across the bust paired with a chic tap short. Perfect to pack for your honeymoon, or as a gift for the bride to be!


Aphrodite Chemise

silk chemise, bridal lingerie, bridal chemise, wedding lingerie, wedding slip, silk slip, christine lingerie, made in canada

 Slip into sophistication with this stunning, silk chemise. Chantilly lace appliqué trails across the bust while a dramatic cutaway at the hip flatters the silhouette. This sexy, timeless piece is flattering for all body types and brides of every bust size!


 Aphrodite Short Chiffon Robe

Aphrodite Chemise, silk lingerie 

Don this oyster chiffon wrap coat with a matching belt. A beautiful floral lace appliqué caresses your shoulders and dramatic flutter sleeves flatter your shape. The beauty of chiffon is its dreamy, sheer effect, adding a touch of fairytale and sexiness all at once. This piece makes a lovely pair with the Aphrodite Chemise. 


Aphrodite Tank Chemise

Aphrodite Tank Chemise, silk chemise, bridal lingerie, bridal slip, silk lingerie, wedding lingerie, made in canada, christine lingerie

This elegant chemise can be worn  on your honeymoon for a dinner date or as an intimate. Featuring a theatrical French Chantilly lace appliqué at its hem, this chemise sings of luxury. Pair it with a sexy set of heels and a glass of rosé. Both are sure to match perfectly!


Aphrodite Gown

Aphrodite Gown, silk gown, silk lingerie, bridal lingerie, wedding lingerie, christine lingerie, made in canada 

The centerpiece for our Aphrodite collection, this breathtaking gown features a figure flattering lace appliqué that glides its way across the bust and open back. A high slit offers sensuality and the lengthy silk gives the look of true elegance and beauty.


Aphrodite Long Chiffon Robe

Aphrodite Long Chiffon Robe, chiffon robe, long chiffon robe, silk lingeire, bridal lingerie, wedding lingerie, christine lingerie, made in canada

Perfect for layering over our Aphrodite gown or chemise, this full length chiffon cover features a striking cutaway Chantilly lace sleeve and a gorgeous silk belt making it a truly beautiful way to add style to your bridal boudoir. Wear it while getting ready for your special day or on your honeymoon. This piece is truly stunning, fit for a princess, and made to inspire thoughts of love and romance.


Before you go, here are three fun facts on bridal lingerie that you might not know! 

  1. Did you know that bridal lingerie has always involved sheer nightgowns dating back to the early 1900’s? It played a major role in every bride’s ‘Bridal trousseaux.’
  2. Did you know that THE Christine behind Christine Lingerie began her career in bridal? With a passion for beautiful lace, femininity and romance, her extraordinary silk lingerie brand bloomed from a beautiful bridal foundation. You can learn more about Christine and the history of Christine Lingerie by clicking here
  3. Looking for Bridal Lingerie on a budget? We have a beautiful bridal short robe that is on sale and sure to make you look and feel like a new bride. Due to its timelessness, it will always be a match made in heaven for you and your special day, and your days to come as a wife! Click here to shop the Midsummer Short Robe now.


Happy wedding season!


Christine Lingerie is delighted to share the first collections for Spring 2019, Iris and Muse. As we strive to always contribute the finest silk pieces to your boudoir, allow us to take you inside the inspiration behind these new designs, showering your imagination with romance and beauty. 



In the Victorian language of flowers, the Iris is considered the ‘floral herald.’ The messenger of warm wishes. In fact, according to ancient mythology, the goddess Iris was the deliverer of hope, described as wearing colorful Robes, not unlike our first ever, exclusive Iris print. What better way to enter Spring than in silk that sings of a goddess who was said to serve as the link between heaven and earth?

christine lingerie, silk lingerie, silk gown, silk dress, french lace, made in canada, luxury lingerie, silk chemise, silk pajamas, silk loungewear

Therefor, in light of good thoughts for the season, we present our lush and refreshing Iris collection. This watercolor-inspired print is available in a darling and most flattering chemise, short robe and long robe. We are furthermore offering our Grace Gown and Classic PJ in iris-purple, a perfect match when paired with this gorgeous floral print that sings of Spring and warmer days to come.

New Iris Collection, christine lingerie, floral robe, long robe, short robe, made in canada, iris flower

For a dramatic look and something different, try pairing the Iris long silk robe with the matching chemise. Or for something to take you into summer, the chemise paired with the short robe is always tried and true. The PJ is a season-less classic, offered in our new iris-purple to add a pop of color to any boudoir wardrobe. And the Grace Gown, also now available in iris-purple, is truly breathtaking. Nothing says goddess like this pure silk gown adorned with exquisite fine lace. This piece is stunning on its own or can be paired with the Iris long silk robe. What makes this collection most delightful is how it flows, bright with color, flattering for all body types. Start this shining new season in lingerie that echoes of the goddess of the rainbow to bring out your own divinity and true beauty.



For those who are looking to enter the season feeling fun and flirty, the Muse Collection is the second part of our first release for Spring 2019. This stretch silk and stretch lace collection is made for women who are looking for a sexier, fitted fit. We are offering Muse in two beautifully subtle new colors that suggest the likes of delicious french macaroons: ‘Stardust’, a cooler, purple-gray and ‘Rose’, a sweeter, warm and pearly pink. Available in a cheeky cami and tap, stretchy chemise and short robe with darling side slits, this charming silk group is perfect for everyday or to take away. Wake up feeling your best self, or surprise your muse in Muse!

christine lingerie, silk lingerie, silk gown, silk dress, french lace, made in canada, luxury lingerie, silk chemise, silk pajamas, silk loungewear, silk robe, short robe, long robe

Re-inventing the silk gowns, classic silk PJs and sweet little chemises we are known for is what we love to do, each and every season. To learn more about our brand and vision of beauty, romance and femininity, please follow us on facebook or instagram where we love to share inspirational imagery of our designs. We hope you enjoy our premier collections for Spring 2019.






Iris long silk robe, christine lingerie, floral robe, long robe, short robe, made in canada, long silk robe


Iris silk chemise, christine lingerie, floral robe, long robe, short robe, made in canada, floral chemise


Iris short silk robe, christine lingerie, floral robe, long robe, short robe, made in canada, floral chemise, iris short robe


(Additionally available in multiple new colors!)

Classic pj in iris purple, christine lingerie, floral robe, long robe, short robe, made in canada, floral chemise, classic pj, silk pajamas


The silk grace gown in iris purple, christine lingerie, floral robe, long robe, short robe, made in canada, floral chemise, classic pj, silk gown, silk dress


(Additionally available in four new colors!)

Muse chemise in stardust, silk lingerie, silk chemise, made in canada, christine lingerie


(Additionally available in four new colors!)

Muse robe in stardust, silk lingerie, silk chemise, made in canada, christine lingerie, silk robe, short robe


(Additionally available in four new colors!)

Muse cami and tap in stardust, silk lingerie, silk chemise, made in canada, christine lingerie, silk robe, short robe, cami and tap, luxury loungewear, stardust, french lace detail


(Additionally available in four new colors!)

Muse chemise in rose, chemise, silk chemise, stretch silk, made in canada, silk lingerie, silk slip, silk dress, silk nighty, luxury lingerie


(Additionally available in four new colors!)

Muse robe in rose, christine lingerie, silk lingerie, silk gown, silk dress, french lace, made in canada, luxury lingerie, silk chemise, silk pajamas, silk loungewear, silk robe, lingerie addict


(Additionally available in four new colors!)

Muse cami and tap in rose, silk lingerie, silk chemise, made in canada, christine lingerie, silk robe, short robe, cami and tap, loungewear

At Christine Lingerie, one of the things we enjoy most is styling our clients in our silks! We are always delighted to help you find the right fit for you, to express your own unique vibe. Incase you missed it, you can click here to see our last shopping guide, ‘Exquisite Valentine’s Day Lingerie‘ to explore various red, ruby hues of black cherry and beyond. Our lingerie and loungewear flourishes on its timelessness, so you can wear it outside of every holiday!