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Prepare to adapt this timeless trend for a chic summer look to wear out into the sun. This is today’s lingerie as outerwear.

Self Portrait by Katrina Eugenia Featuring The Audrey Gown. Lingerie as outerwear.
Katrina Eugenia wears the Audrey Gown, made of crepe silk.

One does not have to be ultra provocative to wear their underwear as outerwear. This summer, explore the daytime potential hidden in your boudoir for sultry looks that sing of simplicity and sophistication. After all, it is the season for sunny holidays and weekend getaways, so a smart wardrobe will be one that is multifunctional. Prepare to explore the surprisingly rich history of wearing lingerie as outerwear and learn how you can apply this timeless trend by wearing your silks in the sun this summer. 

Let us begin by going back to the 18th century to explore the birth of the underwear as outerwear trend with a fun bit of historic lingerie gossip you may not know. Believe it or not, Marie Antoinette was one of the first pioneers to wear lingerie as outerwear. In 1783 she chose to sit for a painting wearing what would become infamously known forever more as “chemise à la reine,” or the “chemise of the queen.” This modernly conservative light and airy gown was then what most women wore only next to their skin, beneath their corsets. 

To the modern eye, the dress looks rather refreshing compared to the redundancy of the more decadent outfits the famous queen typically wore to sit for portraits. It has a sort of rustic, feminine, relaxed simplicity to it. You might even call it Marie Antoinette’s ‘girl next door’ look. But while the painting may not translate as aggressive by today’s standards, it caused a quiet the uproar among salon goers in its time. In fact, the painting was protested and the french people demanded it be taken down. 

Marie Antoinette wearing her underwear as outerwear. Marie Antoinette en chemise, 1783 portrait by Louise Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun
Marie Antoinette en chemise, 1783 portrait by Louise Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun

It is possible to argue that Marie Antoinette’s choice to wear this more casual, sultry look was her way of expressing her aversion to the formalities of Versailles. In the privacy of her personal playground, Le Petit Trainon, it was how her and her friends liked to dress all the time. While the queen was not perfect, she is possibly one of the women we have to thank for pioneering a playful and girlie attitude. She championed nonchalant femininity and believed in having fun. Before there was Cyndi Lauper, there was Coco Chanel in her silk pjs, and before her silk pjs, there was the queen, but how does that all translate today? 

self portrait by katrina eugenia featuring the sandwashed chemise in lilac.
Katrina Eugenia is wearing the Sandwashed Chemise in Lilac.

Today, women can easily transform a sultry bedroom piece into the perfect date night or daytime look. Slip into something silk for instant chic and sexy vibe. Nothing is more versatile than the slip dress, so it would be wise to invest in several colors and you’ll never have nothing to wear again! Unique to Christine Lingerie, our silk slips are custom colored, making them one of a kind. We love creating beautiful shades from neutrals to bold colors that are season-less and charming. 

Designer in chief, Christine Morton is a major enthusiast for underwear as outerwear. While chatting with her on the subject she expressed, “Lingerie as outerwear has been around for years and we have been making slips that people wear as outerwear since the beginning of my career as a designer back in the ’80s. Women even wear them as wedding and bridesmaids dresses. What makes our silk slips flattering is that they are cut on the bias so they drape beautifully on the body which enhances the allure of the silk.”

katrina eugenia wears the audrey gown, silk lingerie as outerwear, underwear as outerwear

Cutting on the bias became a signature characteristic of the silk slip in the 1930’s by designers such as Madeleine Vionnet and Madame Gres. It became instantly popular due to its ability to describe the contours of the female figure with the fabric of the gods: pure silk. 

katrina eugenia wears the audrey gown, silk lingerie as outerwear, underwear as outerwear

For this self-portrait editorial, I chose to model The Audrey Gown and the Sandwashed Silk Chemise in Lilac for their beauty and most of all, their simplicity. The Audrey gown is made of crepe silk, which I am obsessed with, especially during the summer. I find it to be at once flattering and incomparably comfortable. As I described earlier, both pieces are cut on the bias, which is quintessential of the silk slip. Lastly, I love these pieces for their adjustable straps, leaving the option to wear them with a bra. I chose not to wear one for this little story which I titled, ‘The Silk Escape’ but in the realm of not posing for pictures, wearing a bra would be my preference for a dinner date or day look. I like the Hamptons motel feel of these photographs. As if they are snippets of a memory from a weekend out east. This summer, I can’t wait to wear a silk slip or dress with a pair of strappy sandals for a refreshing, chic and sexy lingerie as outerwear look. I hope you will feel inspired to, too. 

katrina eugenia wears the audrey gown, lingerie as outerwear, underwear as outerwear, silk lingerie, christine lingerie, made in canada
katrina eugenia wears the audrey gown, silk lingerie as outerwear, underwear as outerwear, christine lingerie, made in canada

We are pleased to introduce our blue lingerie collection composed of two silk robes and a silk cami and tap set. The new silk capsule is called, ‘Adrift’ due to its refreshing summer-vacation feel. Composed of watercolor florals, the short and long robe pair perfectly with our Candy cami and tap set in water blue, because the Adrift florals are blue too!

christine lingerie, silk cami and tap, cami and tap, silk robe, long robe, short robe, silk robe

The Adrift collection is made of the finest, light silk, perfect for enjoying the summer breeze in the morning, or while getting ready for nighttime festivities. The long and short silk robe both include pockets, ideal for your reading glasses or hotel key, for example. 🙂

Speaking of hotel keys, when it comes to packing for vacation, it is always a plus to include items that are multi-functional. For example, the silk cami from our Candy set can be perfectly paired with shorts for a cute and chic day or night look making the set a fabulous travel essential! And speaking of double-purpose pieces, you can also wear your adrift robe over your bathing suit for the perfect coverup. 

The trio of blue lingerie pieces from our new Adrift collection are ideal for anyone looking to add a cooler palette to their boudoir wardrobe. At Christine Lingerie, we believe in the influence of color and beautiful prints, so we have designed the Adrift Collection to have a refreshing and uplifting effect on its wearer. Which brings us to a very fun fact that you might not know… Incase you needed more reasons to incorporate blue lingerie into your boudoir wardrobe, according to, the color blue can have quiet the positive effect on you! It is said that blue is a calming color that can improve mental clarity. Blue can even boost one’s confidence and inspire creativity. So what better way to start your day than in a blue robe?!

Nothing can compare to the feeling of getting back to your hotel room and slipping into something silk after a long day of travel adventures. Or waking up in the comfort of your home to enjoy a peaceful morning on your porch while wrapped in a silk robe with a good cup of coffee. In the evening, you can induce an instant feeling of glamour by wearing an ethereal, luxurious silk robe while doing your hair and makeup. According to Cora Harrington of The Lingerie Addict, “Lingerie is a part of life.” And specifically, “A robe is the sort of thing that every woman needs… Be it to lounge around the house, carry on vacation, or run to the mailbox for the paper. A good robe is soft, simple, and makes you feel wonderful.” Find out more on why we love The Lingerie Addict by clicking here.

What we love most about designing silk robes is that while everyone’s taste in lingerie is different, one can always feel cute, sexy, comfy, calm, beautiful or all of the above when wrapped in silk. Our designer in chief even recently chose silk robes as one of her top five essentials for our feature, “Silk Loungewear: Christine’s Top Five.”

A beautiful silk robe is a tiny luxury worth the splurge to make your morning routine a bit more pleasant. And a pop of blue might be just the thing for you… 


blue long silk robe, long robe, long silk robe, christine lingerie, blue robe, blue lingerie, made in canada
blue short silk robe, blue robe, silk robe, short robe, christine lingerie, made in canada
silk cami and tap, silk cami, christine lingerie, silk lingerie, made in canada, blue silk cami and tap


sugar chemise white silk, made in canada, christine lingerie
silk gown, silk lingerie, christine lingerie, made in canada, audrey silk white gown
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5 Silk Loungewear Essentials

Our Designer In Chief Can’t Go Without


The Christine behind Christine Lingerie has been designing silk loungewear, lingerie and beautiful bridal pieces for over 40 years. More over, she lives and breathes her brand, incorporating her silk and velvet designs into her daily wardrobe. As both intimates and outerwear, here are her five favorite silk loungewear pieces that she wears to feel beautiful, comfortable and chic.

silk kimono, silk lingerie, silk loungewear, christine lingerie, saks loungewear, saks lingerie


  1. A Long Velvet Robe: “I love waking up in the morning and putting on my long velvet robe.” Christine says. She prefers them oversized so that she can cuddle up in them to feel cozy on cold mornings. Christine likes that you can also wear them in the evenings and still feel elegant while sitting around and watching TV. Velvet is something we like to incorporate into our collection every season. This season we chose a beautiful black cherry color for our Faberge Long Velvet Robe, making it a timeless and most glamorous way to feel cozy in the mornings and at night.

    long velvet robe, christine lingerie, made in canada, luxury lingerie, lingerie addict, valentines day lingerie
  2. A Silk Kimono: Every season, we design a new, exclusive print for our Japanese-inspired collection. Christine loves an open silk kimono so much that she chose to wear it to BOTH of her daughter’s weddings paired with a coordinating silk cami and lounge pant from our collection. When talking about her love for the bi-annual Japanese-inspired kimono Christine says, “When you wear one of our silk kimonos you are wearing a work of art. I wear them to many events, fashion shows and parties and people always compliment on how beautiful they are. Each season, we work very hard on our print to develop a new unique look. With our Japanese-inspired prints, it has always been an incredibly creative design process to put the collection together.” For Spring/Summer 2019, we premiered the Solitude Collection, which includes a beautiful new silk kimono depicting a graceful crane and floral motif. This work of art is perfect if you are looking for a refreshing, cooler hue. If you would prefer darker earth tones, we suggest the kimono from our Phoenix Collection, which is among our most striking kimonos to date. The blue phoenix on this piece is unforgettably magnificent.

    silk kimono, christine lingerie, solitude collection, silk loungewear, made in canadasilk kimono, christine lingerie, solitude collection, silk loungewear, kimono, luxury kimono
    silk kimono, christine lingerie, solitude collection, silk loungewear, kimono, silk pants, silk camisilk kimono, christine lingerie, solitude collection, silk loungewear, kimono, silk pants, silk loungewear
  3. Silk Tops & Tunics: “These are everyday pieces that I feel comfortable to wear to work or out for dinner.” The best part of our silk tunics and tops is their amazing versatility. They are designed to go beautifully with jeans or silk pants. You can dress them up, wear them in a corporate environment or dress them down and casual. Lastly Christine adds, “I love taking the tunics to Mexico and wearing them as a coverup over my swimsuit.” So it’s safe to say that these pieces are an extraordinary value in addition to being a wearable work of art! 

    PHOENIX LOUNGE TOP silk tunic, silk bathing suit cover up, silk lingerie, silk loungewear, christine lingerie, luxury loungewear, lounge top, silk lounge top
    NIGHTINGALE LOUNGE TOPsilk tunic, silk bathing suit cover up, silk lingerie, silk loungewear, christine lingerie, luxury loungewear, lounge top, luxury living, saks fifth avenue lingerie
    JOLIE TUNICsilk tunic, silk bathing suit cover up, silk lingerie, silk loungewear, christine lingerie, made in canada
    NIGHTINGALE TUNICsilk tunic, silk bathing suit cover up, silk lingerie, silk loungewear, christine lingerie, luxury loungewear, luxury tunic

  4. A Classic Cami and Lounge Pant: From the designer herself, “These are so easy to slip in to. Again, you can dress them up or down and they are flattering for all body types.” Christine loves wearing a silk cami and lounge pant set to present her new collection at our booth at the CurvExpo in New York City each season. As she mentioned earlier, they pair so elegantly with the open kimonos. Christine additionally enjoys pairing the silk cami with jeans or pants. “I keep them in my wardrobe in every color.” she says. 

    CREPE CAMISOLEsilk cami, silk loungewear, made in canada, christine lingerie
    CREPE LOUNGE PANTsilk cami, silk loungewear, made in canada, silk lounge pants, luxury loungewear, saks loungewear
    SANDWASHED MAXINE CAMIsilk cami, silk loungewear, made in canada, silk lounge pants, beautiful loungewear, silk loungewear

  5. Silk Pajamas: These are a timeless classic and a staple to Christine Lingerie. In the evenings, Christine loves to wear silk pjs to watch her favorite shows with her husband, David. She even likes to style the button down top as a shirt to wear for a casual date night with her love, too. Our silk pajamas come in a variety of colors, which you can see by clicking here, or shop some of our favorites for SS19 below! 

    COCO PJ IN MISTsilk pajamas, silk pjs, made in canada, christine lingerie, silk loungewear
    CLASSIC PJ – AVAILABLE IN MULTIPLE COLORS!silk pajamas, silk pjs, made in canada, christine lingerie, classic pj, silk lingerie, lingerie as outerwear