During my interaction with clients over the years, I find that people are often surprised to learn that our silk garments are made exclusively in Vancouver, or that our prints are sourced from all over the world, or that Christine is even a real person! So Lingerie blogger, Cora Harrington of The Lingerie Addict, decided to help us shed a little light on the mystery. She and her team visited our design studio to film a “behind the scenes” look at the history of Christine Lingerie, and to provide an understanding of our design and manufacturing process.


“It’s important to me, that our clients are aware of the skill and craftsmanship that goes behind creating each one of my garments.” says Christine. We hope to give you a bit of insight and inspiration! Watch The Lingerie Addict video here.


We’re excited to announce a wonderful collaboration between Christine’s friend Ralph Bromley and Diane’s Lingerie (our fabulous Vancouver retailer).  Ralph’s organization Hope for the Nations recently visited Africa with a trunkful of bras donated by Diane’s to give to young girls who are in need.  Mothers who can only feed their families by working on the street have been given hope for a new life by being able to set up a business selling the bras.


For more information on how you can contribute to a terrific cause, visit Hope for the Nations to learn more.


Giving Hope Video



Our very own Christine Morton was interviewed by NOVUS TELEVISION for the CITY LIGHTS – MADE IN STRATHCONA feature.   Christine relocated her corporate headquarters to the artistic community 3 years ago and is thrilled to see the growth and entrepreneurial spirit that has taken root in the neighbourhood.


Christine Lingerie will be participating in the Made In Strathcona Tour June 7th from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm.    For more information on the tour please visit and to watch the Novus interview CLICK HERE




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I have spent my career making sleepwear and daywear that makes women look and feel beautiful. Now I am introducing “Christine Chantilly”. A diffusion collection at affordable prices, this new collection is designed for women who want functionality as well as beauty; lingerie that is sexy, flirty and yes, also washable. Ultimately, every woman’s relationship to her sleepwear is her personal choice. This collection is unique in that it allows for a creative mixing of pieces to be worn on holiday, honeymoon or at home. It is lingerie for today’s modern woman. Christine Chantilly will put a smile on your face without anyone knowing why!