Founder Christine Morton commemorates the evolution of her Canadian lingerie brand & debuts 50th Anniversary Collections

April 04, 2023 – Vancouver, BC – 2023 marks the 50th anniversary of Christine, the eponymous Canadian luxury brand renowned for its silk lingerie, sleepwear, and loungewear. When Christine debuted in 1973, it ushered in a new era of lingerie. Christine Morton, the Scottish-born designer, and founder had a simple vision – use the finest fabrics and intricate detail to create feminine, alluring lingerie that made women feel beautiful – an ethos that holds as true today as when she started five decades ago.

What began with a treasure trove of lace found in her grandmother’s dresser drawers has grown into a global business that is poised to mark 50 years of success. In 1973, Christine officially began her career in design, sewing costumes and voluminous blouses out of her basement workshop. Today, Christine is showcased in more than 100 boutiques and major fashion retailers in Canada and the US. Her sensuous silks have adorned celebrities, and fashion pages around the world, but what has always driven Christine is her desire to make women feel extraordinary.

“My designs are about empowering women to feel beautiful inside and out,” said Morton. “There is a confidence and underlying sensuality that comes with wearing luxurious silk and lace, and I want to inspire people to experience that every day – that is really the heart of the brand, and I am incredibly grateful that I have been able to do that for 50 years.”

Christine has built her brand and company on quality, integrity, attention to detail, and trusting her own intuition without compromise. Over her 50-year career, she has grown a company with women at its core and established a family of seamstresses – many of whom have been with her for decades – while producing locally and on a small scale that ensures couture quality and sustainability.

In celebration of this milestone for the Vancouver-based brand – a remarkable feat for any fashion label – Christine introduces a Limited Edition 50th Anniversary Collection and a Black Label Collection, drawing inspiration from the label’s most iconic pieces while remaining timeless. Always in tune with fashion culture, Christine has also expanded her latest offerings to include men, designing a new print for menswear pajamas to add to the Morton men’s collection, which she quietly introduced in 2020.

The spring 2023 launch of her 50th Anniverary Collection gave Christine a chance to revisit her elaborate archives and select pieces that are special. A nightshirt, originally introduced in 1980, is back with tucks down the front, ruffles around the neck and voluminous sleeves. A show-stopping work – available in August – is a peignoir set in a soft, silvery pink silk called Whisper, with lace, silk roses and dainty ties dyed to match for a romantic, antique look. Its robe, complete with train, brings to mind the glamour, drama, and romance of the 1920s.

Christine will also introduce the Black Label Collection – releasing just one piece each month, available in limited quantity exclusively through the brand’s website. Up-coming designs include a silken-wool robe in a soft peach tone that can double as outwear – something Christine has done long before the current trend of ‘innerwear’ as outer wear. Another dual-purpose piece is a heavy, white crepe silk gown with black Chantilly lace – perfect for a night out or stay-at-home lounging.

As Christine celebrates 50 years in business, there are no plans to slow down.

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