Creating Opportunities for Women

Production began locally with Christine. As the business grew, she hired local sewers and began creating her family of seamstresses. In the late 70s, Christine’s church sponsored a family of Laotian refugees that included a brilliant young seamstress named Alina. It seemed destined that she and Christine meet. Once settled and working, Alina encouraged her mother and sisters to join the Christine family. 44 years later, Alina remains in charge of production for the brand.

Today, the Christine design studio is located beside the Vancouver boutique. In addition to in-
house production, Christine has grown a network of local home sewers who understand the brand’s uncompromising standards and whether it is the Lauren chemise, the Chloe PJ or the Goddess gown, Christine knows who is making each piece.

Christine is grateful for this league of sewers who have been integral to the success of the company.
In turn, she has been able to create working opportunities, particularly for women, to enable them to work from home and have the flexibility to raise families and care for aging parents. Among her longest serving sewers is Tran, whose niece was recently sponsored by Christine to come to Canada from Laos.

Locally Made

Christine, the brand, and the woman are devoted to her community. The entire manufacturing process for each collection is done locally and on a small scale to ensure couture quality in craftsmanship and demonstrate sustainability practises. Christine’s hands-on approach has also meant there is no compromise on fabrics and production, resisting encouragement by some to produce in polyester and en massé overseas.

Slow Fashion & Sustainability

Conscious and careful fabrication has been key to the success of Christine luxury lingerie, with a focus on small quantities that ensure sustainable practises. Silks include charmeuse, cloque, brocade, georgette, and waffle. Italian print designs are imported for one-of-a-kind creations and Christine has recently begun to once again design and create her own prints in-house. Lace – the inspiration for all that Christine has built – includes specially created stretch Calais lace, tri-colour French lace, detailed Chantilly and Alencon lace, and true antique lace.

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