Pink Silk Lingerie: The Arabella Collection

New to Christine Lingerie, the Arabella collection is composed of pink silk lingerie in a beautiful new color that we are calling, ‘Bloom.’ Adorned with black french lace and a detailed floral print, this collection of pink silk lingerie is timeless, feminine and sweet. 

Arabella is composed of six pieces. Each style lends itself to various body types or moods, depending on what you are looking for. What makes this collection of pink silk lingerie extra attractive is the subtleness of its tone. It is not too pink, if you are someone who shies away from bright, popping colors. From flowing to fitted, long to short robes, let us take you through this sweet collection of pink silk lingerie piece by piece to help you discover which designs are right for you. 

silk chemise with our Christine Lingerie floral arabella print is worn by a women

The Arabella chemise. This babydoll style chemise includes a lined bust and adjustable straps for moderate support. Composed of our Arabella floral print, this little piece of pink silk lingerie is extra darling and flattering for all body types. If you are a fan of the babydoll style, you can shop more pieces in this fit by clicking here.

silk pink camisole and short set with black lace is worn by a women

The Arabella cami and tap set is perfect for those who are looking to wear something a bit cheekier than pajamas or a silk chemise. This particular set is uniquely trimmed with french Chantilly black lace on the sides of the tap pant and bust of the cami.  The set is available in our new color, Bloom, making it a subtle and timeless way to add a little color to your boudoir. 

silk short robe with our Christine Lingerie floral arabella print is worn by a women

The Arabella short robe includes side seam pockets and its floral print is at once done in a minimalist style while bursting with detail. Composed of flowers made up of simple lines, this particular print is timeless and sweet, making it a perfect addition to your boudoir.

silk pink chemise with black lace is worn by a women

The Arabella Bloom chemise is easily the sexiest piece from the collection. Classically feminine, the french lace is hand appliquéd around the neckline and hem for a delicate, sultry finish. It furthermore includes a gathered cup and adjustable spaghetti straps. 

silk gown with our Christine Lingerie floral arabella print is worn by a women

The Arabella gown is fit for a princess with its flowing grace. This piece is truly where beauty meets comfort, where elegance meets a relaxed look. Made of ultra light silk, this silk gown is sure to help your mornings and evenings flow nicely.

silk robe with our Christine Lingerie floral arabella print is worn by a women

The Arabella long robe defines luxury with its abundance of flowing, flowering silk. Cut with a dolman sleeve for an easy fit, your inner beauty is sure to shine outwardly in this robe. In addition to the pink silk lingerie you see in this collection, you can see more of our long robes composed of prints and solid beautiful colors by clicking here.

To conclude, if you are looking to subtly add a little something different to your boudoir wardrobe, the Arabella Collection is perfect for you. Plus, if you are mother, after all of that back to school shopping, it is time to treat YOURSELF to something new! This capsule of pink silk lingerie can be worn throughout any season making it a good collection to invest in if you are thinking of splurging on a little loungewear or silk lingerie. 

Additional insight: 

The Arabella collection includes french Chantilly lace, one of Christine’s most cherished elements in the world of boudoir design. To learn more about her love of lace from the designer herself, please click here

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