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Step into the world of elegance and romance with Bella, a stunning white and fuchsia floral print collection by Christine Lingerie. Embrace the timeless beauty of floral motifs blooming on lustrous silk, exuding femininity and grace. Each piece captures the essence of sophistication, enchanting you with its delicate allure. The fusion of white and fuchsia paints a portrait of passion and purity, creating a captivating harmony of colors. Indulge in the enchantment of Bella, where floral fantasies come to life, enveloping you in an aura of charm and sensuality. Celebrate your femininity with this exquisite collection, and feel like the epitome of elegance with Christine Lingerie's Bella.

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Bella ChemiseBella Chemise
Bella Chemise Sale Price$269.00 USD
Bella Long RobeBella Long Robe
Bella Long Robe Sale Price$469.00 USD
Bella Print Short RobeBella Print Short Robe
Bella Print Short Robe Sale Price$389.00 USD
Bella Print Swing ChemiseBella Print Swing Chemise
Bella Print Swing Chemise Sale Price$269.00 USD
Bella Short RobeBella Short Robe
Bella Short Robe Sale Price$309.00 USD
Silken GownSilken Gown
Silken Gown Sale Price$380.00 USD
Silken Gown - Gatsby Peacock EditionSilken Gown - Gatsby Peacock Edition