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Indulge in the Sakura silk lingerie collection, a celebration of femininity and allure. Immerse yourself in luxury with the saffron and pearl pivot pieces that exude elegance and sophistication. Be enchanted by the exclusive vibrant print in captivating blue and red hues, adding a touch of exotic charm to this exquisite ensemble. Embrace the essence of Sakura, where beauty and sensuality intertwine in a symphony of colors and silk.

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Lucia GownLucia Gown
Lucia Gown Sale Price$405.00 USD
Sakura JacketSakura Jacket
Sakura Jacket Sale Price$525.00 USD
Sakura Long RobeSakura Long Robe
Sakura Long Robe Sale Price$795.00 USD
Sakura KimonoSakura Kimono
Sakura Kimono Sale Price$560.00 USD
Sakura CaftanSakura Caftan
Sakura Caftan Sale Price$760.00 USD
Sakura Short RobeSakura Short Robe
Sakura Short Robe Sale Price$550.00 USD
Valeria ChemiseValeria Chemise
Valeria Chemise Sale Price$310.00 USD