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The Celeste Collection by Christine Lingerie invites a sense of ethereal beauty into the realm of women's loungewear. This collection is highlighted by the enchanting Heavenly Blue Silk, a color that captures the essence of a serene sky. Complementing this tranquil hue is the exquisite Celeste Lace, adding a touch of delicate intricacy to the collection's aesthetic.

The Celeste Collection features a selection of beautifully designed pieces: a Chemise that drapes elegantly, offering a blend of comfort and allure; a Short Wrap, perfect for adding a light and stylish layer; a Gown that flows gracefully, epitomizing the collection's celestial inspiration; and a Long Robe, providing a luxurious and sophisticated option for relaxation.

Each piece in the Celeste Collection is thoughtfully crafted, combining the serenity of Heavenly Blue Silk with the delicate beauty of Celeste Lace. This collection promises to bring a touch of heavenly elegance to any woman's loungewear wardrobe.

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NewCeleste ChemiseCeleste Chemise
Celeste Chemise Sale Price$440.00 CAD
NewCeleste Long RobeCeleste Long Robe
Celeste Long Robe Sale Price$730.00 CAD
NewCeleste GownCeleste Gown
Celeste Gown Sale Price$610.00 CAD
NewCeleste Short WrapCeleste Short Wrap
Celeste Short Wrap Sale Price$495.00 CAD