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Silk Bottoms & Shorts

Indulge in the luxurious world of our silk pants and shorts, expertly crafted to envelop you in a realm of comfort and elegance. The exquisite fabric drapes your body effortlessly, radiating sophistication and grace. Let the sumptuous touch of our lounge pants and silk shorts elevate daily moments into decadent experiences. Embrace the art of leisure, and relish the enchanting sensation of being wrapped in the unparalleled luxury of these captivating garments.

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Candy Tap ShortCandy Tap Short
Candy Tap Short Sale Price$140.00 USD
Antoinette Slip SkirtAntoinette Slip Skirt
Antoinette Slip Skirt Sale Price$215.00 USD
Piper PajamaPiper Pajama
Piper Pajama Sale Price$405.00 USD
Femme Fatale Cami and TapFemme Fatale Cami and Tap
Femme Fatale Cami and Tap Sale Price$285.00 USD
Jane Lounge PantJane Lounge Pant
Jane Lounge Pant Sale Price$310.00 USD
Morton Silk Lounge PantMorton Silk Lounge Pant
Morton Silk Lounge Pant Sale Price$295.00 USD
Jane Crepe Lounge PantJane Crepe Lounge Pant
Jane Crepe Lounge Pant Sale Price$310.00 USD
Coco PJCoco PJ
Coco PJ Sale Price$510.00 USD
Femme Fatale Pajama SetFemme Fatale Pajama Set
Femme Fatale Pajama Set Sale Price$535.00 USD
Luxe Crepe Lounge PantLuxe Crepe Lounge Pant
Luxe Crepe Lounge Pant Sale Price$420.00 USD