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Step into the enchanting realm of Amelie, a captivating pink-themed silk lingerie collection by Christine Lingerie. Embrace the softness of blush hues and delicate tones, exuding femininity and charm. Luxurious silk adorned with exquisite lace and intricate embroidery will make you feel like a modern muse. Embrace the essence of Amelie, where romance and elegance intertwine, captivating hearts and kindling desires. Revel in the allure of pink and immerse yourself in a world of intimate sophistication, courtesy of Christine Lingerie.

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Amelie Cami and Tap SetAmelie Cami and Tap Set
Amelie Cami and Tap Set Sale Price$310.00 USD
Amelie Print ChemiseAmelie Print Chemise
Amelie Print Chemise Sale Price$405.00 USD
Amelie Short RobeAmelie Short Robe
Amelie Short Robe Sale Price$450.00 USD
Amelie ChemiseAmelie Chemise
Amelie Chemise Sale Price$395.00 USD
Amelie Print Short RobeAmelie Print Short Robe
Amelie Print Short Robe Sale Price$430.00 USD
Amelie GownAmelie Gown
Amelie Gown Sale Price$560.00 USD
Amelie Print Long RobeAmelie Print Long Robe
Amelie Print Long Robe Sale Price$585.00 USD
Amelie Classic PajamaAmelie Classic Pajama
Amelie Classic Pajama Sale Price$510.00 USD
Amelie Print Cropped PajamaAmelie Print Cropped Pajama
Amelie Print Cropped Pajama Sale Price$535.00 USD