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Enter the magical world of Enchanted, a mesmerizing blue-based print collection by Christine Lingerie. Immerse yourself in a realm of dreamlike elegance as delicate silks come alive with enchanting blue hues and whimsical patterns. Each piece captures the essence of fairy tales, wrapping you in a sense of wonder and allure. Embrace the enchantment of "Enchanted," where fantasy and sophistication meet, offering a unique blend of beauty and comfort. Indulge in the allure of this ethereal collection, designed to make you feel like a true enchantress, igniting passion and captivating hearts.

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Natalie GownNatalie Gown
Natalie Gown Sale Price$485.00 CAD
On SaleEnchanted Long RobeEnchanted Long Robe
Enchanted Long Robe Sale Price$389.00 CAD Regular Price$820.00 CAD
Enchanted Glamour GownEnchanted Glamour Gown
Enchanted Glamour Gown Sale Price$620.00 CAD
Enchanted CaftanEnchanted Caftan
Enchanted Caftan Sale Price$890.00 CAD
Enchanted Short RobeEnchanted Short Robe
Enchanted Short Robe Sale Price$545.00 CAD
Chloe Cropped PajamaChloe Cropped Pajama
Chloe Cropped Pajama Sale Price$665.00 CAD