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Belize Long Wrap


The Belize Collection from Christine Lingerie is a vibrant celebration of color and comfort, designed to bring a tropical elegance to women's loungewear. At the heart of this collection is the Belize Ombre Print silk, a stunning display of gradient colors that evoke the beauty of a Caribbean seascape. Complementing this vivid print is the serene Azure Blue silk, mirroring the deep and tranquil hues of ocean waters.

This collection boasts a diverse range of pieces, each embodying the spirit of Belize. It features three distinct Chemises, each with its own unique style, offering versatility and elegance. The Short Wrap provides a chic and easy layering option, while the Tunic stands out for its casual yet sophisticated appeal. The collection also includes three Gowns, each flowing and graceful, perfect for elegant relaxation.

Further enhancing the collection is a Long Wrap, offering a luxurious embrace, and a Caftan that combines the ease of beachwear with the sophistication of evening attire. Completing the collection is a Pajama set with pants, ideal for lounging in style and comfort.

Each piece in the Belize Collection is meticulously crafted, ensuring a beautiful blend of the vibrant Belize Ombre Print silk and the calming Azure Blue silk, perfect for those who seek a tropical escape in their loungewear.

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Belize Lauren ChemiseBelize Lauren Chemise
Belize Lauren Chemise Sale Price$280.00 CAD
Belize CaftanBelize Caftan
Belize Caftan Sale Price$880.00 CAD
Belize Chloe PajamaBelize Chloe Pajama
Belize Chloe Pajama Sale Price$695.00 CAD
Belize Long WrapBelize Long Wrap
Belize Long Wrap Sale Price$670.00 CAD
Belize GownBelize Gown
Belize Gown Sale Price$495.00 CAD
Belize Lucia GownBelize Lucia Gown
Belize Lucia Gown Sale Price$465.00 CAD
Belize TunicBelize Tunic
Belize Tunic Sale Price$475.00 CAD
Belize ChemiseBelize Chemise
Belize Chemise Sale Price$370.00 CAD
Belize Valeria ChemiseBelize Valeria Chemise
Belize Valeria Chemise Sale Price$370.00 CAD
Belize Cami Tap SetBelize Cami Tap Set
Belize Cami Tap Set Sale Price$370.00 CAD