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Welcome to the sunny charm of Avignon, a delightful pink, yellow, and pistachio print collection by Christine Lingerie. Embrace the joyful spirit of summer with vibrant hues and playful patterns adorning luxurious silk. Each piece evokes the essence of a sun-kissed French countryside, radiating warmth and happiness. Bask in the beauty of Avignon, where the fusion of pink and yellow creates a harmonious symphony of color. Let the collection envelop you in its cheerful allure, celebrating the joys of life and adding a touch of sophistication to your wardrobe. Immerse yourself in the magic of Avignon, where elegance and happiness unite, leaving you feeling utterly enchanting.

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Lauren ChemiseLauren Chemise
Lauren Chemise Sale Price$225.00 USD
Avignon Long RobeAvignon Long Robe
Avignon Long Robe Sale Price$645.00 USD
Limited EditionAvignon KimonoAvignon Kimono
Avignon Kimono Sale Price$395.00 USD
Avignon Short RobeAvignon Short Robe
Avignon Short Robe Sale Price$450.00 USD
Avignon GownAvignon Gown
Avignon Gown Sale Price$440.00 USD
Lauren GownLauren Gown
Lauren Gown Sale Price$380.00 USD
Avignon PajamaAvignon Pajama
Avignon Pajama Sale Price$605.00 USD