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A Brand is Born


In 1973, Christine Lingerie was born, a timeless and exquisite luxury lingerie brand, founded to weave elegance and allure into the fabric of every woman's dreams.

A Going Concern


During the vibrant 1980s, Christine Lingerie started to grow a reputation for excellence, captivating the world with its unparalleled craftsmanship, timeless designs, and commitment to luxury, making it a coveted symbol of elegance and sophistication in the lingerie industry.

Turning Crisis into Success


Amidst business expansion, childrearing, and financial challenges in the early 1990s, Christine Lingerie innovatively transformed a crisis into success, reinvigorating the brand through a successful 'pop-up' store, putting it back on firm footing with loyal and new customers.

Transition, Fortitude & Growth


Amidst business challenges and transitions in the early 2000s, Christine Lingerie exhibited fortitude, reorganized, and experienced growth while navigating a competitive market and international ventures.

Expansion, Mentorship & Success


In her sixties, Christine embarked on a new expansion, creating a mini production-house, acquiring a mentor and advisory board to ensure business sustainability, and welcoming Raymond Lee as Director of Operations in 2014.

Overcoming Loss and Adversity


Amidst personal loss and the challenges of COVID-19, Christine found solace in creativity, refocusing on design while Raymond managed the business, leading to successful online sales and expansion into over 100 high-end boutiques in Canada and the US.

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50th Anniversary Media Releases

50th Anniversary

Christine Celebrates 50 Years of Lace, Silk, and Determination

2023 marks the 50th anniversary of Christine, the eponymous Canadian luxury brand renowned for its silk lingerie, sleepwear, and loungewear. When Christine debuted in 1973, it ushered in a new era ...

50th Anniversary

Creating Opportunities for Women

Production began locally with Christine. As the business grew, she hired local sewers and began creating her family of seamstresses. In the late 70s, Christine’s church sponsored a family of Laotia...

50th Anniversary

The Biography of Christine Morton

Born in Scotland, Christine Morton, was the youngest of three daughters. Her mother was a homemaker whom she remembers as elegant and always ensuring the three girls were well-dressed. Her father, ...

50th Anniversary

50th Anniversary & Black Label Collections

The collections are a nod to Christine past, present, and future. Each piece – a work of art – is romantic, sensuous, and elegant – an approach that has not changed over the years. The fabrications...

50th Anniversary

Star Power - Celebrity Dressing

Magazine editorials around the world have featured her work – amongthem Town & Country, Glamour, Marie Claire, Elle, InStyle, GQ, Women’sWear Daily. Christine has been dressing celebrities for ...

50th Anniversary

Story Starters

It all began with a love of lace. As a child, Christine gravitated to her Scottish grandmother’s wardrobe full of lace, hankies, and bows. Her devotion to lace has been a passion and constant throu...

50th Anniversary

Through the Decades — Evolution of the Brand

With everyone at home, luxury loungewear had found a new popularity. Christine was a brand of choice and became its biggest promoter, focusing on its own online sales – a move which proved highly ...