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Fall & Winter Releases

Experience the cozy elegance of the cooler seasons with our exquisite silk lingerie and loungewear collections, specially crafted for fall and winter. As the leaves turn and snowflakes fall, our luxurious pieces provide the perfect blend of warmth, comfort, and sophisticated style. Embrace the charm of autumn's rich colors and winter's serene beauty with our range, designed to make you feel pampered and elegant during the chilly months. Whether you're curling up by the fire or enjoying a peaceful winter morning, our silk ensembles promise to add a touch of luxury to your everyday relaxation.

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Tranquility Short RobeTranquility Short Robe
Tranquility Short Robe Sale Price$475.00 CAD
On SaleValentina Baby Doll ChemiseValentina Baby Doll Chemise
Valentina Baby Doll Chemise Sale Price$279.00 CAD Regular Price$355.00 CAD
On SaleValentina ChemiseValentina Chemise
Valentina Chemise Sale Price$279.00 CAD Regular Price$355.00 CAD
On SaleValentina Long RobeValentina Long Robe
Valentina Long Robe Sale Price$539.00 CAD Regular Price$685.00 CAD
On SaleValentina RomperValentina Romper
Valentina Romper Sale Price$299.00 CAD Regular Price$380.00 CAD
On SaleValentina Short RobeValentina Short Robe
Valentina Short Robe Sale Price$439.00 CAD Regular Price$555.00 CAD
On SaleValentina Short WrapValentina Short Wrap
Valentina Short Wrap Sale Price$359.00 CAD Regular Price$450.00 CAD
On SaleValentina Slip GownValentina Slip Gown
Valentina Slip Gown Sale Price$389.00 CAD Regular Price$495.00 CAD