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Embrace ethereal enchantment with the Goddess Collection, an opulent couture bridal line like no other. Hand appliquéd Chantilly Lace, heavenly yoke, and wide silk belt exude divine elegance. Timeless, rare, and luxuriously crafted, this stunning collection is a cherished keepsake to pass on for generations. Perfectly complement your wedding day with the Goddess Collection's celestial allure.

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Goddess Luxe Crepe ChemiseGoddess Luxe Crepe Chemise
Goddess Luxe Crepe Chemise Sale Price$490.00 CAD
Luxe Crepe Lounge PantLuxe Crepe Lounge Pant
Luxe Crepe Lounge Pant Sale Price$525.00 CAD
Goddess Chiffon CoverGoddess Chiffon Cover
Goddess Chiffon Cover Sale Price$430.00 CAD
Special OrderGoddess Luxe Crepe GownGoddess Luxe Crepe Gown
Goddess Luxe Crepe Gown Sale Price$880.00 CAD
Special OrderGoddess Luxe Crepe Long RobeGoddess Luxe Crepe Long Robe
Goddess Luxe Crepe Long Robe Sale Price$1,070.00 CAD