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Immerse yourself in the refreshing allure of green, a color that embodies nature’s vibrancy and tranquility, with our silk lingerie and loungewear collection. Experience the rejuvenating beauty of this lush hue, reminiscent of lush forests and blooming gardens. Indulge in the luxurious embrace of green silk, radiating a sense of serenity and harmony. From delicate lace accents to flowing silk fabrics, our collection offers a range of exquisite pieces in various shades of green. Elevate your intimate wardrobe with the captivating charm of green, and let your inner radiance shine through. Explore our green silk collection today and immerse yourself in a world of timeless elegance and rejuvenating allure inspired by the beauty of nature.

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Saint Tropez KimonoSaint Tropez Kimono
Saint Tropez Kimono Sale Price$640.00 CAD
Saint Tropez Long RobeSaint Tropez Long Robe
Saint Tropez Long Robe Sale Price$795.00 CAD
Seascape Short RobeSeascape Short Robe
Seascape Short Robe Sale Price$465.00 CAD
Seascape GownSeascape Gown
Seascape Gown Sale Price$490.00 CAD
Seascape Gathered GownSeascape Gathered Gown
Seascape Gathered Gown Sale Price$550.00 CAD
Seascape Long RobeSeascape Long Robe
Seascape Long Robe Sale Price$725.00 CAD
Seascape CaftanSeascape Caftan
Seascape Caftan Sale Price$950.00 CAD
Betty Black Label ChemiseBetty Black Label Chemise
Betty Black Label Chemise Sale Price$295.00 CAD